A performance and workshop series that explores the history and evolution of Jazz.

The Jam Session Inc will take the initiative to construct a live performance and workshop series in partnership with East End Arts Council.

The workshop series will take place in schools and community centers. They will include an interactive live performance by professional musicians from various musical backgrounds, demonstrating the essential styles of music that the forms the foundation of Jazz.

The roots of Jazz in today’s music will be exemplified in Hip Hop, Mambo, R&B, Rock, Pop and Blues.
A workshop after the performance will include students who are enrolled in musical studies, exceeding no more than 30-40.

This workshop will be 45min and will include practical applications of the methods and styles demonstrated in the performance.

This performance series will require two 45 min sessions, possibly on two separate days.
The purpose of this series is to inspire, educate and foster curiosity in students to explore new music independently – exploring The Roots of Rhythm and Music.

The Jam Session Workshop Edition was created to help help facilitate our mission statement.